How to use Polyline in cesium version 1.52.0 to connect points with Rhumb lines?

I am currently using Cesium version 1.52.0 and cannot upgrade at this time. But My goal is to show the polyline is rhumb format on the map . In version 1.54.0, arcType: Cesium.ArcType.RHUMB is the property to get rhumb lines. How can I achieve the same result with version 1.52.0?

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer("cesiumContainer" );

    polyline: {
        positions: Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegreesArrayHeights([-112.3268785,29.1673139,1000,139.1652182,9.6235915,1000,11.4423255,50.0235941,1000,-41.2873034,-5.1132736,1000]),
        width: 8,
        arcType: Cesium.ArcType.RHUMB,
        material: new Cesium.PolylineOutlineMaterialProperty({
            color: Cesium.Color.YELLOW,
            outlineWidth: 4,
            outlineColor: Cesium.Color.BLACK

I think what you’ll need to do is creating a custom build of CesiumJS with the new Rhumb line code in order to get it to work without updating. Although looking at the PRs this might not be trivial since they touch a lot of different files. It looks like it’s spread across 4 PRs: