Huge number of entities

In cesium map, I've nearly 6300 entities (polygons). I've few properties for each polygon. Based on filtering criteria and property values I show/Hide or change color of those polygons.

I've two issues.

It works well if small number of entities are affected by filtering condition. but for larger number of entities, it throws Cesium Error "Cannot read property 'id' of undefined". I'm sure all of my entities have id. Error location is in Cesium.js file.

another issue, While filtering I change few polygons to white, and later change their color to something else. But it doesn't change on DOM. In Click Event I see new color values (RGB), but not on DOM, it still shows white.

Cesium 1.35 is being used in this.

Any suggestions?

Hi there,

Displaying a large number of entities has been brought up a couple times previously, like in this thread. We recommend moving your data to a 3D tileset. We’ve been working on some tools and services to help you process your data into 3D Tiles. You can learn more at