Human vision line of sight calculation and showing on 3D map

Dear Folks,
I’ve to calculate the human vision of sight and highlight on the 3D map if anyone has code or idea please help me. Let me clarify more suppose that a human is standing at a place and how much area he/she able to see straight I want to highlight all those visible areas.
Thanks in Advance

Hey @Shashi,

There isn’t currently a built-in method for this, but this is possible in the Cesium Analytics SDK ( That’s currently only available with an on-premises license but we’re working on bringing this kind of functionality to more people through the Cesium ion platform.

What kind of project are you working on?

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Thanks for your response,
We’ve started a project from scratch to prepare a 3D wep map application for visualization, editing layers and analytics purpose. So I want to show that if any car or human while walking or standing how much area are able to see straight and moving left and right I mean line of sight and fan of sight.