I found a bug maybe

Watch this video, please. https://twitter.com/peace_engine/status/1615317374009511937
Notice that when i click on the map, it draws a dot. (normal)
But sometimes, in between, the dot gets rendered somewhere else, instead of the location i clicked.

File: METAVERSE-DAO_CLOUD-ATLAS/Cesium.svelte at master · worldpeaceenginelabs/METAVERSE-DAO_CLOUD-ATLAS · GitHub (well commented, dot and sync function at the end)

Can you confirm and reproduce maybe?
Is that a known Cesium bug maybe?

HI @cloudatlas,

that’s strange, I can’t see errors in the code, but maybe (a big maybe) it has to do with wrong window focus? If the EventHandler is executed before the focus of the browser windows changes, a wrong position is passed. Only hovering the mouse above a window doesn’t focus it. But as I wrote…a BIG maybe, because I have too little knowlegde in this particular situation.

Best, Lennart

just read that now. There was a communication on Github meanwhile I found a bug maybe? · Issue #11043 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub