Weird color bug on mouse over

We’re having a very weird problem, when moving the mouse over HTML elements outside the Cesium canvas the colors of transparent primitives change!

Here’s a video of it:

What could cause it?

We do a Cesium pick when the mouse moves, at first I though it was because we’re doing picking when the mouse was outside the Cesium canvas.
However I just put a check to only do the picking while inside, it fixed it partially, now the bug only happens when the mouse moves anything in the scene that is on top of the space (stars etc) and not on top of the Earth.

Eg: If there is a yellow translucent cylinder primitve, that due to the camera, is rendering half on the cylinder on top of the Earth, and half of it on top of the space.
If I move the mouse on top of the part on top of space, the Cylinder will flash and change color to a brigher yellow.
If I put the mouse over the part of the cylinder that is drawn on top of the Earth, nothing special happens, the rendering is correct.

What could cause this, any known bug in the Cesium rending or picking code?

What version of Cesium are you using? We fixed a major issue with translucency in 1.6

I can’t reproduce this on my machine. Can you create a small Sandcastle example (or otherwise standalone example) that shows the problem outside of your app (so we can run it ourselves)?

Also, does it happen in all browsers and machines, or only some? Can you go to on the browser/machine with the issue and copy/paste the results for us.


We’re using a older version, well, ok, I’ll update it next week and see if the problem goes away, thanks!