IE Web Browser Control : Entity Description Doesn't Load

Hi Guys,

I am trying to embed Cesium into a IE Web Browser Control. Everything works fine I have added the application registry key into Browser Emulation and the GPU Rendering is set to 1.

The only problem I see is that on any drawn entity (polyline,ellipse.. etc) the description appears to be blank with white Background when click on the entity. This only happens in Browser Web Control and NOT in the standard browser.

Has any body came across similar issue???


            id: circleId,
            name: title,
            description: description,
            position: Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees(centreLong, centreLat, centreElev),
            ellipse: {
                semiMinorAxis: radius,//cesium work unit is metres
                semiMajorAxis: radius,
                height: centreElev,
                material: Cesium.Color.fromRgba(colour).withAlpha(0.5)

The descriptions use iframes. I wonder if the web browser control is blocking iframe content. Are there any messages in the browsers error log?

If no errors are appearing you could probably run some additional tests by using javascript to create some iframes and see if they load.

Tahir, did you ever figure out what your problem was? Everything is working as expected for me.