Image coverage & The image becomes blurred

Part 1:After using the cesium for unreal plug-in, the image becomes blurred and the 3D model becomes dark。

Part2:After using the cesium for unreal plug-in, the outside of the image range is filled with white and the image below is capped.

Please tell us more about what datasets you’re showing here, and how you’ve configured them as tileset actors and raster overlay components. As a first guess, it looks like maybe you have a partially-opaque raster overlay on top of the one you’re trying to show.

I use CesiumWorldTerain to add my own terrain and images. Bingmap is replaced by CesiumTileMapServiceRasterOverlay component.As a result, the image becomes blurred

I used the Blank3DTilesTileset component to load the 3Dmodel. As a result, the model darkened

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Hello @yusy1981,

I suspect from your screenshots that this is a problem with the material applied to the tileset.
If you haven’t yet, please read the Editing Tileset Materials tutorial to become familiar with how materials work with Raster Overlays in Cesium for Unreal. You may need to hook up an alpha mask in your material so that the area outside the images is masked properly.

The darkness on the buildings may be the lighting in the scene. You can test this by switching the View Mode of the viewport to Unlit. Please send a screenshot of your scene in Unlit mode, if possible - that will help to see what the problem is.