image on the ground in SCENE3D mode


I have the following problem. I want to have image on the ground in specific locations. I tried to use entities but all of them are not visible on 3D scene once I zoom in (they are OK on 2D or 3D from large distance when all looks flat). Then I wanted to use GroundPrimitive which works perfect for me, however curently only Color materials are supported and I need an image. It looks the only option I see is SingleTileImageryProvidera. The problem I face is that I need to rotate my image(texture) to match real location of the object I want to put in place while in SingleTileImagery the rectangle must be parallel to latitude/longitude lines. How can I rotate the only image loaded by SingleTileImageryProvider ? Should I write my own tileprovider, if yes how, if not what are other options to achieve what I need ?

thanks in advance for any hints



Hello Marcin,

The best solution for displaying an image on terrain right now is to use the SingleTileImageryProvider. Unfortunately, you’re right, this does not rotate.

We plan on adding support for different material types for GroundPrimitves, but there’s a bit of research that needs to be done first to figure out the best way to implement this.



Thank you Hannah

so until the new material are implemented, it looks the only option I have now is to rotate the image on the server side…