GroundPrimitive question

Hi, I would like to use the GroundPrimitive object to have a rectangle that is draped over the terrain, but I would like to be able to paint the rectangle using an image.

My understanding based on the docs:, is that since only PerInstanceColorAppearance is currently supported, then I won't be able to paint my rectangle with custom image.

Is this correct? If so, is there any possible work-around?

Any help appreciated, thanks!

Possibly use SingleTileImageryProvider in conjunction with a canvas and a data URL?

If I had to update the image, which could be up to a 1280x720 color image with an alpha channel, and update it at 30 frames per second, would I still be able to use it?

I remember reading in another post somewhere that updating using the SingleTileImageryProvider is somewhat slow

Hi there,

Although we don’t yet have support for image and other non-basic materials for ground primitives, its definitely on our roadmap.

Yes, singleTileProvider may be a little slow right now, but we actually have a pull request open for fast updates (video updates too!):

Feel free to use that branch until its merged into master. Demo here:

Hope that helps,

  • Rachel