Ground primitives and materials

is it possible or will it be possible to use all materials with ground primitives?
Primitives accept appearance and so it is possible to inject MaterialAppearance which will wrap material.
Today, ground primitive acceptsd only PerInstanceColorAppearance.


You are correct. The PerInstanceColorAppearance is the only materials currently supported by ground primitives.



thanks for the confirmation. Should there be a plan for material other than color?

We would like to support other materials eventually, but it’s a really complicated problem to solve and we’re focusing on other things first.


I would be very much interestd in this feature as well.

So far for 3D scene, in order to have a texture overlay on the ground, the only option is via ImageryProvider which which is not a good way. For examply I need to rotate the image, which in SingleTileImageryProvider is not possibe.

GroundPrimitives with custom materials (mainly image textures) would be VERY, VERY NICE feature.

best regards