Image support for GroundPrimitive

Hi List,

I am looking into the newly added GroundPrimitive functionality, pretty cool! Unfortunately for me, only the PerInstanceColorAppearance is currently hard-coded into GroundPrimitive.js and I would like very much to overlay images from url. Is this something that is on the (short) roadmap and is expected to be implemented soon?

If not I would like to try and implement it myself, in that case it would be great if I could get some directions on how to proceed.


Hi Lucas,

This is on the roadmap, but I expect it will be a few months or more. The texture coordinates need to be computed procedurally in the fragment shader. It is non-trivial to get good precision and performance.

In the meantime, if you just have rectangles use SingleTileImageryProvider.


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your answer. SingleTileImageryProvider isnt the solution unfortunately, since with the provider we cant manipulate the display of the image on the client (scale, rotate, stretch..). But thanks for the suggestion. I'll wait eagerly till the update of groundPrimitive :wink: