Imagery Rendering Issue on Mac

I just recently started working on a project using Cesium and Electron to create a desktop app. Cesium and all works fine on Windows but on Mac, imagery doesn’t seem to load. The skybox and multiple other image assets load fine, just not the imagery. Atmosphere (the glow) around the globe shows as well. Looking in dev tools, it seems like the request to the imagery is fine. I can copy the url and go back to a browser and go to that url and the imagery returns as expected. On Mac, in Electron though… I’m getting 256 WebGL errors.

[.WebGL-0x7fb47e830c00]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glDrawElements: attempt to access out of range vertices in attribute 0

Is this a known issue or am missing something? I’ve searched around a little and haven’t found a solution. Any suggestions?