problem with the picture

Hello. I'v just started to use Cesium and revealed two problems.
1) I have problem with Hello World application. When I launch it through my browser (Google Chrome) i see the message
"An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped.
SecurityError: Failed to execute 'texImage2D' on 'WebGLRenderingContext': ..."
2) When I use the link "http://localhost:8080/Apps/HelloWorld.html" everething is allright but i have wrong picture of the North and South poles.
If anybody knows what the problem it is, pease help me.

Hi there,

Can you tell us what operating system, version of cesium and graphics card you have?


  • Rachel


I have windows 7 64-bit, Cesium-1.34 and Intel® HD Grapics
Thanks, Mikhail

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Hi there,

I suspect this is either a CORS problem or you’re trying to open Cesium from the local filesystem without navigating to the browser. Can you give me more information about your exact setup?

Also, confirm that this isn’t a WebGL issue by navigating to our Hello World example:

If that works, it’s setup problem.


  • Rachel

I’v just setup cesium according to the recomendationsw presented by this link "’. I try to launch an application “Hello world” from the folder where all applications are stored (\Cesium-1.34\Apps\HelloWorld.html.)

I navigate to your HellowWorld example and it works well but there is one problem with picture of the South and North poles. I can sent you the printscreen of the picture if you need.

Thanks, Mikhail.

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Hi Mikhail,

A screenshot would be helpful! Try running

  1. npm install

  2. npm run minifyRelease

  3. npm start

  4. Navigate to http://localhost:8080/ in your browser

  5. Click on Hello World from there

Hope that helps!

  • Rachel