Error - Hello World in Chrome and Firefox on Samsung GS5

Hi - this is my 1st day with Cesium and my 1st post.
When I try to view Hello World in either Firefox or Chrome (both latest versions) on my Samsung GS5 - the attached pic is what I’m seeing…
Can someone please advise what’s happening here and how to avoid the prob happening when I try to show cesium ad hoc to another person on their mobile device?
Thanks all.

Hi again all ... Could someone please guide me on my argh ... Fri 13th post ... I'm hoping to be able to demo a Cesium based mapping exercise on Monday.... Thanks, Matt

Hello on my S3 with firefox and the viewer demo, I have an image with some glitches which dissapear when I zoom. Nevertheless the render is better than in your image.
I fear you can have your help for monday without more details.

Hi thanks for replying.
The globe initially briefly renders “properly” ie showing the continents clearly … then within a second the globe segments are replaced with the smears seen in the attached screenshot…but sometimes with segments that are still ok … when I zoom on yhose segments … the smears appear…help and guidance will be much appreciated. … thanks

ps - the cube spins fine on

Urgent...could someone please advise me ASAP how to set up cesium to work on current android? Thanks

Again - can I please get guidance on what can be done to get cesium displaying correctly on current high end android platforms running Chrome/Firefox?
The pic attache at the start of these posts shows the problem - this problem occurs on all imagery except Natural Earth II - for all other iamgery - there is a brief flash of the correctly plotted tiles - then they smear as seen in the attached pic.
While occasionally a tile holds its correct imagery, when zoomed in - the next tiles smear…
Please - can someone please advise what to do about this
Thanks, Matt

Hi Matthew,

The short answer is: we don’t know. Is this a problem only in a local version of Hello World? Do the demos on the site work?

The fact that Natural Earth works points to a problem in imagery reprojection. That code used to be very complicated and potentially error prone in older versions of Cesium, but in current versions it’s quite straightforward so I wouldn’t expect any incompatibilities. FWIW everything works on my Nexus 5.

Can anyone else with a Galaxy S5 report whether or not Cesium is working for them?


I’ve seen this issue before, I think it was on an S4 (which I no longer have).

Since everything runs great on a Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 tablets as well as the Droid Turbo phone I have and Kevin’s Nexus 5; this leads me to believe that it is specific to Samsung firmware (either because of the graphics driver or something Samsung did to Android). I don’t think it happened on the S4 until the most recent firmware (maybe about 3 months ago?). If it is a bug in their firmware, then there may not be much we can do about it.

P.S. I just got Dan to try it on his S4 and he sees the same issue. This definitely didn’t happen on the S4 before Samsung’s last update.

There might be other factors at play such as version of Android and type of GPU. Android 4.4.4 seems to work fine with Cesium on Samsung with Adreno GPU (part of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SOC) However some Samsung phones use Exynos SOC (which uses ARM Mali GPU.)

Thanks Kevin - great to hear from someone ( and from Bob a while back).
This is strange - so the is working on your Nexus 5? - presumably using Chrome…I’m using Chrome 40.0.2214.109 … the latest I think? also Firefox 35.0.1 - same performance on each…
I’m just trying the other demos now … the Bhuvan 3D “non-photo” overlay works…but not the usual Bing imagery…the cesium+D3 data visualization mostly works but only Africa through to Australia is plotted ie left half of the map is black - the D3 animation works beautifully…

So can anyone please advise if they’ve had this problem and fixed it on a Samsung GS5?

Thanks, Matt

phew - your messages came through while I was typing - thanks Matthew and Hyper…mmm so it seems Samsung version specific…that’s a shame.

for information - the Samsung GS5 is running Android version 4.4.2 - this is passively managed by my service provider - Voda Australia

As with other Samsung phones the GS5 could use either the SnapDragon or Exynos SOC. Goto settings->general->about device and find the model number. Perhaps searching that model number on the web you could find out the System On a Chip.

Hi Hyper - the SGS5 is model SM-G900I - this is the LTE version that runs the Snapdragon 801SoC …

Navigate to chrome://gpu on the phone and scroll down to GL_RENDERER. That field will have the exact GPU (as well as be surrounded by a bunch of other useful information).

The Nexus 5 has an Adreno 330, which is the same as the S4 I reproduced it on this afternoon. But the S4 had the problem and the Nexus 5 different.

Wow chrome://gpu does yield a ton of info! Including the version of Chrome browser. What version of Chrome browser are you using with the GS5 ?

The GS5 LTE version also has the Adreno 330, so that’s not it. Maybe Android 4.4.2 is causing it? I just switched from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4 (with Adreno 330), but unfortunately I didn’t try Cesium on mobile until after the switch as I can’t use a 3DMouse on a mobile device.

Hi Matthew and Hyper - yes the SGS5 has the Adreno330 … I’m keeping the phone supplier-standard so until they upgrade to 4.4.4 I’ll be stuck with 4.4.2.

I’m hoping something associated with Cesium 1.6 or some update washed through on the phone will fix this matter.

The hope is that such fixes become ubiquitous quite quickly so that Cesium based apps can become business as usual and not be limited to specific system configs.

It’s possible 4.4.2 works fine, I never tested it with Cesium. Are you using the latest version of Chrome for Android? If you enter chrome://gpu in the address bar and scroll down you can find the Chrome version. I think the latest is 40.0.2214.109.

yes - the phone is running Chrome - 40.0.2214.109 - thanks, Matt