Implementing Multiple Camera Views on a Single Viewer


In Cesium JS I want to open multiple cameras simultaneously using only single viewer and see multiple cameras in one screen. When I add an entity to the viewer, if entity is in the camera area, I want to see the entity from the camera without any extra processing. It’s like security camera systems in real life.
Therefore, a solution is sought that includes the following features:

-Supports multiple camera views on a single Cesium viewer.
-Ability to watch multiple camera recordings on a single screen.
-Enables the features of the camera to be kept dynamically updated.
-When I add an entity, providing the appearance of the cameras of this entity.

I request your suggestions or guidance on how I can implement these features in the current situation or add them this way.


Hi there,

This is a documented feature request.

In the meantime you can achieve a similar affect by syncing two Cesium viewers.

I hope that helps!

Hi again,
Firstly, thanks for your response.
Actually, this is not what I want, 2 viewers are used in the sandcastle example in the second link. Once I add an entity to the first viewer, I will need to add the same entity to the second viewer for it to appear on the second screen. Idont want this. I want to run a single viewer and show different camera angles of the same viewer on the screen.
Is this possible? If so, how can I do it?