Improve quality of buildings

Hi, I’m new to this forum and would like to kindly ask if theres a way to make the buildings and quality better in unreal engine 5.2. When i use google earth the area looks nicer and textures look clearer and sharper. In unreal engine everything looks blurry, I’ve reducing the maximumscreenspace to 1 but this doesnt do anything, is it because its bringing in a large tileset and anyway to reduce the area it loads in as I dont need alot of the surrounding buildings

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Can you please try this pre-release version and see if it helps? You’ll need to be signed in to GitHub for the link to work.

Uninstall Cesium for Unreal via the Marketplace and then extract the ZIP linked above to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.2\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace or the equivalent on your system.

Alternatively, if you can tell me exactly where you’re looking, I can take a look myself and confirm (as I hope) that the quality is improved by the new build.

Hi Kevin, I had the similar problem on the loading quality (ue5). At least it is clearly worse than what I feel in “”. Also, the loading speed in ion.cesium is lighting fast, but in UE5, I usually need to wait several minutes. May I ask is it because we have to update to commercial account (149$ per m) to make the loading speed as fast as ion.cesium?

hi, thanks for the reply, as per instructions I’ve removed the previous plugin in the epic games launcher under engine versions. I’ve downloaded the new file from the github link and unzipped/copied to the ue5 plugins folder below.
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.2\Engine\Plugins\CesiumForUnreal

I’ve then activated the plugin from unreal plugins and restarted with a fresh new project but still have the same quality issues mentioned above.

As mentioned by Jack would the quality be improved in the commercial account?

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hi, here’s the google earth location on the screenshots

51.51923445616085, -0.1029054260655

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Can you elaborate on what you’re comparing exactly? The Google Maps Photorealistic 3D Tiles aren’t available on Cesium ion, so I don’t really understand what you mean.

May I ask is it because we have to update to commercial account (149$ per m) to make the loading speed as fast as ion.cesium?

No, the differences between the plans are as documented on the Pricing page. There’s no extra hidden performance throttling in the lower tiers or anything like that.

As mentioned by Jack would the quality be improved in the commercial account?

These tiles are provided by Google, not by Cesium ion. So nothing you do on Cesium ion will affect them.

We’re currently not sure if Google is providing lower detail through their 3D Tiles API than they’re providing to their Google Earth client, or if the lower quality is a bug in our clients. Given that it seems to be happening in multiple clients based on unrelated code bases, the latter possibility seems unlikely. But I will investigate.

I’ve confirmed that the detail at that particular location, at least, is missing from the Google 3D Tiles tileset itself. So it’s not a bug in Cesium for Unreal. We’ll discuss it with Google, but in the meantime the detail you see is all that is available.

This is the Google 3D tiles in Cesium Ion. It loads very fast.

If the performance is designed to be similar in Ion and unreal engine plugins, then I guess it is the internet issue or the settings in ue5? After several times of attempt, I figured the quality of the tiles are similar (Ion vs UE5), but the loading speed is clearly different (tested using same computer, same internet in Hong Kong). May I ask what will be a “fast” setting in UE5 plugin? Or is there any suggestions on how to make the loading faster?

Oh ok, that’s Cesium Stories.

I wouldn’t expect Cesium for Unreal to be significantly slower than Cesium Stories. CesiumJS may current be doing a bit better job of caching the Google tiles, which can improve performance. But the difference shouldn’t be huge unless your internet connection has unusually low throughput. We’ll be improving the caching in the next version of Cesium for Unreal, for what it’s worth.

Have you changed the default settings on the Cesium3DTileset? Can you try the Google level in the Cesium for Unreal Samples project and see if that performs better?