The latest version for UE 5.2 doesn't load textures


Recently we transferred our project to the latest version of Cesium plugin on UE v.5.2. However, we observed a strange issue with loading the textures on terrain (see image attached). The mesh of the terrain loads pretty fast, however, the textures (from Bing Maps) didn’t load or load in some areas with low res.
We did a test with a previous version 5.0.3 with exactly the same project and everything works Ok in terms of loading textures.
Could you please help with this issue?

Thank you,

There was a recent Bing Maps outage, as noted here. Perhaps this was related?

If you’re still experiencing issues, try opening the Cesium for Unreal Samples and seeing if they load. It may be a project-specific issue.

Hi Jamine,

not sure about the root of this issue, because previously this problem disappeared by itself a bit later. I thought it might be, as you mentioned, the problem with Bing Maps outage. However, I’ve got this issue again. Btw, in Unreal Engine Project everything works fine (see image attached), but in the build the tiles of Cesium are loading very slow, and Bing Maps don’t appear (see image attached).

Hi @Andrey.K,

Can you give us more details so we can better troubleshoot your issue?

  • What version of Cesium for Unreal are you using?
  • What OS are you on?
  • If you can tell us what’s in your level so we can try to reproduce the issue, that would be great.

Hi @janine ,
I’m using Unreal Engine 5.2.1 with the latest version of Cesium plugin.
Also, I’m using some scene elements with PCG from the Epic’s example Electric Dreams Environment and I’m thinking about is it might be a potential issue for Cesium?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Andrey.K ,

To follow up, do you see any errors or notable lines in the console log?

Also, do these same problems occur if you temporarily turn PCG off in your project?

Hi @Brian_Langevin ,

No, I don’t see any specific errors in the log. I think the problem is that PCG converts all materials inside of the project to the different format: Substrate Legacy Conversion (see the image attached). I think this type of material causes the issue with materials in Cesium Ion.

Have you tried out PCG in the latest Unreal 5.3?

There have been a few changes in PCG since 5.2, and they might have fixed something that relates to your situation.