Updated Cesium Movie Queue Issue- Help Please


I recently updated to Cesium 5.2.0 using Unreal Engine 5.2.1 and I am now having this weird glitching issue that didn’t occur before. You will notice on the edge of the map terrain tiles are not loading and also glitching

Video of Issue

Can someone please help me? I have a project due end of week and this issue just started today when I updated the plugin

Thank you so much!

It sort of looks like you have two tilesets overlapping each other, but I’m not sure. If you think the problem started with a Cesium for Unreal version upgrade, I suggest you start by going back to the old version and confirming that fixes it. Old versions can be found here:

Instructions for installing a build from the Releases page are here:

Note that this is no Cesium for Unreal v5.2.0. The Epic Launcher unhelpfully shows the UE version instead of the plugin version. You can find the actual plugin version in the Editor under Edit → Plugins → Geospatial.

Thanks for the reply Kevin - I’m not sure how to find out if I have two tilesets. Any suggestion on where to look for that? I’ll look into it and keep you updated.

I appreciate your reply, cesium really is amazing and I just want to learn how to optimize it for best results. Been loving it so far. Will keep you updated

If you had two tilesets, they’d show up in the Outliner in the Editor.

Thanks Kevin - that doesn’t seem to be the issue as I only have one tileset. I look into trying to revert to an older version and keep you updated. Thank you very much for your responses!