Bug! new update - crinjge

Everything worked well until you released another “good” patch (update), now nothing has time to download.

Previously, when rendering, the next frame did not start until the previous one was completely loaded. It’s a complete mess and hell right now!

(Note the stripe at the back)

OLD VERSION 10/10 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew437BqSD8Y
NEW VERSION 0/10 - https://youtu.be/bscdg7rWbDU


I have updated and reinstalled the version.
Also completely removed the 3D Tileset and re-added it, WTF? You’ve broken something that was already working poorly.

My friend, if you’re not happy with our free and open source product, you are free to not use it. We certainly didn’t intend to break something, and we’re also not aware of having broke something. But if you can perhaps turn off your CAPS LOCK and tell us in more detail what you think changed, when it changed (what version?), and ideally provide some steps to reproduce the problem ourselves, we will happily take a look and fix any problems that we find.

I think the first step might be to downgrade to the previous version and confirm that it starts working again for you. Epic sadly does not provide old versions through the Marketplace, but you can find all past releases here:

Instructions for installing one of these releases can be found here:


Did you find a solve yet? I think I am having the same issue are you. Upgraded and now the tiles don’t completely load in movie queue

Hi @Kevin_Ring,

I really admire your level of professionalism, always trying to help out, regardless of the way you were asked.

The CESIUM plugin is IMHO the best option for Unreal to render the whole earth.


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no, I have not found a solution, my buildings and tiles are not loading properly.
thanks to the cesium team for killing the plugin

best cesium plugin! (no, cringe plugin)

Hello @offerthename ,

if you are not happy with the work of the CESIUM dev team please feel free to improve their code to the best of your ability, the source code is available and the glTF specs are very detailed.

But please refrain from insulting comments, I feel offended by them. And if you think about it, do you really believe that if you insult the developers, they will give your issue priority?

Wish you a nice & successful 2024

Hi @offerthename

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Shehzan Mohammed

@offerthename, @DT_Unreal, and anyone else experiencing this problem: please provide detailed steps for reproducing this problem and we’ll be sure to take a look. If you can, please start with the Cesium for Unreal Samples project, because that will make it much easier for us to follow your steps.