Nothing loading in Unreal

Hi there, I managed to get the basic terrain + bings map loaded into unreal and had it all working, but after saving and restarting the editor, there is now nothing to be seen in the viewport.

The Cesium actors are still there in the outliner but the world is just a big blue atmosphere. I’ve already tried logging in and out of my Cesium account, reinstalling the UE4 plugin.


Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with the plugin. It’s possible that the tilesets were using an access token that is now expired. If you delete Cesium World Terrain from the level, and then try re-adding it from the Cesium Quick Add panel, does it appear or is the scene still empty?

If it is still empty, try creating a new scene as outlined in the Quickstart tutorial. If that also doesn’t work, please let me know, and I’ll try to figure out what else may be going wrong.

Just a quick note: When you look at the output log, via the “Window” Menu → Developer Tools → Output Log, there might be some messages. Specifically, if there are any warnings or error messages, then posting these here could help to identify the reason for the error.