Incorrect height in terrain

Hello,nowadays, many terrains have inconsistent heights with the actual terrain and may interfere with the model. Is there any parameter that can be adjusted or how to solve this problem?Thanks!

There’s no quick and easy way to fix this, unfortunately. Some options:

  1. You can implement a tile excluder and a custom material to cut away the problematic parts of the model, and replace them with some new geometry that you create for the purpose. Some basic instructions can be found here:

  2. If you’re using Cesium World Terrain from Cesium ion, you can layer another terrain source (a heightmap) over the top of the problematic section, with new heights. You’d have to create heightmap using GIS tools of some sort and then upload it to Cesium ion as terrain.

Both are a bit of work, and I can’t really give you step-by-step instructions, but it’s doable if you have a serious need.