Info box description bulk changes

i have a data like this, i need to update this data for the info boxdescription, is this possible in cesium. or if any other solution please let me know.

my mail id is Thanks.


I apologize for the late response! It has been a very busy month at Cesium. Do you have any updates on this issue to share before we begin investigating?


Thanks Sam,

Yes i need to update the building info by using csv/xlxs or anything else. If we can’t by csv/xlxs please suggest the format and if can please share the example.


Do you think that JSON would be an appropriate format for you to use here? It is still unclear to me what your use case is. Can you please share some more information on the goals of your project? I am looking forward to learning more!


Ya sure.

My goal is filter and display the building based on the sqft, building type rent/lease, lease type and proker name

Add info to the building above details
add dropdown for the above crederia
highlight the building based on the selection.
also we created json format for this

please help to add this property info to the building, so the filter function will work.
please suggest if you have any other option for this