Interactive 3D Graphics

For those interested in learning more about graphics, there is a new free online course, Interactive 3D Graphics, from Udacity. It is taught by Eric Haines, coauthor of Real-Time Rendering among other things.

Of particular interest to us is the course is taught using WebGL (Three.js) with a live code editor like our Sandcastle. I’ve worked with Eric over the past few months to review the course, and I really recommend it. Eric is a master at motivating and explaining things without throwing a lot of theory and math in your face. The course is approachable and pragmatic.

Also - the second half of the course will be out in May.


A few folks told me that they really liked the free online course Interactive 3D Graphics (using WebGL/Three.js) that I mentioned back in March. Good news - the second half of the course is now online. Here’s some more info from Eric Haines, the instructor.

Perhaps this course will lead to more pull requests into the Cesium graphics code. :slight_smile: