Introduce yourself here!

Hi there, I’m Harmen from the Netherlands.
Over 20 years of GIS experience and also 3D interested for more than 20 years.
More about my profile, check LinkedIn: Harmen Kampinga - Senior specialist Data - GIS - 3D - Future Insight Group BV | LinkedIn

For 3D, nowadays I’m mostly working with the virtualcitySystems platform that has a 3D visualization part based on Cesium. Our clients are the municipalities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Groningen for example. But also different other projects in cities like HongKong are part of our business.

My focus is on 3D data and visualization of the data.

Hi y’all

I am an australian and i love racing cars. I am here to recreate some of my favourite tracks in australia using elevation data etc. Can anyone direct me how to use this site to extract such information to use in GIS apps. any help is much appreciated

Hello everyone,
Jhon Albert here.

Hi - I’m Rob Quigley, co-founder and CEO of New Ascent, a startup out of Maryland. I’ve been in the aerospace industry for almost 20 years, working primarily in space systems.

At New Ascent we’re developing products and experiences around ground-based launch systems (think glorified potato guns). Our first product, MISSION:SubSpace is a STEM learning experience for middle through high school classrooms built around the suborbital launch of tiny satellites called ChipSats.

My introduction to Cesium came during some contracting work a few years ago, where I used it to visualize rocket trajectories. That, coupled with a few other things, helped provide the inspiration for MISSION: SubSpace. The centerpiece of the experience for the students is a mission control-like web portal that uses Cesium to provide a 3D visualization of a swarm of ChipSats as they descend through the atmosphere.

We’re just a few weeks away from the start of a classroom pilot and our developer for the portal had to take a step back, so we’re in a bit of a bind. I reached out to Patrick Cozzi, and he suggested I join the forum and ask for help. I’ll create a separate post with some more detail, but if you might be in a position to lend a hand, don’t hesitate to contact me at


Hello everyone, I’m Rangga from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I am a visual artist, currently working with digital cartography platforms and 3d. I am new here, and I wish to learn about the Cesium platform. Thank you!

Hi everyone! My name is Atif Mahmud, and I am working as an XR Software Developer at Teck Resources Ltd. a mining and mineral resource company based out of Vancouver, Canada!

Looking forward to talking more with y’all on the forums :smiley:

Bonjour Everyone, My name is Killian, hobbyist developer. From 2008 to 2015 I walked some 21,000km that spans from France to Malaysia, (then little extra in Indonesia). I gathered tons of media and stories, and today I’m putting all together to tell the whole journey in geospatial manner. See you guys on the forum, cause I’ll probably have few questions here and there.

hello, :wave: :wave:

my name is vistel i am a 3rd year student in geomatics at the university of orleans in France, i am also a beginner developer in javascript especially with React.Js
I start with cesium.

I am new to the community, I discovered it as part of my internship subject that I have just started and I would like to know where to start.

Thanks for your welcome.

Hi, my name is Adam, a geospatial scientist and have been working with Cesium since 2012! I co-founded one of the early geospatial data platforms in Australia known as 4DMapper using the CesiumJS, since then we have had thousands of users providing constructive feedback helping to shape the platform and making it more scalable. From what I learnt over the past 10 years I have transformed the solution as a deployable platform with additional unique and powerful features and made it available to be owned by users and deployed on their own server. The new solution is called e ‘MapSender’ . The MapSender Cesium plugin defiantly helps with saving at least a couple of years of integration and development time for whoever interested in building a mature geospatial data platform on Cesium. Feel free to get in touch if you require further information!

Hi everyone,
I’m Jérôme from France. Currently working at Airbus, I’m a Cesium beginner just discovering all the possibilities offered by this amazing library !

Best regards and happy new year !

Hi Everyone!
I’m Iban from Bekasi, Indonesia. Currently working on a GDA Consulting, a Geoscience consulting company ( GDA - Geosain Delta Andalan as a technical support. I’m developing a 3D GIS based solution for geoscience. For example, this is my currently on going project

Looking forward to get in touch with anyone interested in my work or to have a collaboration!