Invalid Spatial Reference System in cesium ion

Hi @Omar_Shehata1,

I have created CityGML files with spatial reference 2326 (Hong Kong). When I am uploading this cityGML files on cesium ion to created 3d tileset. It is giving invalid spatial reference error,
Please have a look on attachment, and let me know, How can I fix it.

Thank you,

Hi @basant1431

The way the CRS is represented (urn:ogc:def:crs,crs:EPSG::2326) is not identified by GDAL. As a test, you can use gdalsrsinfo command line too to check it on your end. From what I can tell, you only need to use EPSG:2326.

If you can find-replace all such instances, I believe this should work successfully.


@Shehzan_Mohammed , Thank you so much for your precious and helpful reply. :slightly_smiling_face: