Invalid Spatial Reference System

Hi All,

Error: Invalid spatial reference system
Filepath: C:\cesiumion\bin\sample_data.gml
Spatial Reference System: EPSG:4979

Error above was showed when I tried to conversion CityGML to 3DTiles.

Anybody can share experience on this error? and how to solve it?
Do I need to specify the EPSG? and how to do it?

Saharil Arshad

Hello Saharil,

Does this occur for one of the datasets you sent us previously, or is this for new data? If you run gdalsrsinfo on the .gml file, what is the output?


Hi Matt,

May I know how to run gdalsrsinfo in CLI conversion 3D-Pipeline?



gdalsrsinfo is part of gdal, which is a command-line tool you can download for free. If you’re on Windows, I recommend installing OSGeo4W and running gdalsrsinfo through the OSGeo4W shell.


Hi Matt,

from picture above, how do i put or specify Spatial Reference System in my Command Line?

I added another one case which is the same issue when i try to convert terrain using terrain-tiler.


Hi @ 833e9af2bc9388b35b62,
Have you resolved this issue? If yes, please let me know how you did it.