3DBuildingTiler on Prem Issues


I am getting an error when trying to convert my CityGML Data (around 15gb gml and textures around 200 plus gb) with the on prem tiler:


I am using this command : ./3d-buildings-tiler.exe -I CityGML -i “Input path” -o “Output path” --citygml.sourceSRS EPSG:3414

I also get several warnings:

But I don’t think these are the reasons as i had the same warning when converting a smaller dataset and it was successfully converted.

Appreciate any insight and help on the matter.


If you could, please answer the following questions, so that we can understand what may be happening here better:

  1. Which version of the tiling pipeline are you on?
  2. Could you check to see what spatial reference system the source data is in? It should be specified via the srsName property inside the gml file.
  3. Did the smaller tileset that you tried also have the same spatial reference system?
  4. Could you also try to run the above command while leaving out the --citygml.sourceSRS flag?


Hi Ankit,

Answering your questions below:

  1. version 4.6.1

  2. SRS is 3414 (svy21)

  3. Yes, it had the same srs

  4. I was initially using the command without --citygml.sourceSRS but had to put it in because of the missing srs in my gml before the < cityObjectMember >

the solution for this from the forums was to either add this in my gml:

    <gml:Envelope srsName="EPSG:3414" srsDimension="3">
      <gml:lowerCorner>30967.193 30675.149 3.895</gml:lowerCorner>
      <gml:upperCorner>30979.474 30684.741 10.611</gml:upperCorner>

< cityObjectMember >

or to use the --citygml.sourceSRS flag

The error mentioned above is new to me : Invalid destination spatial reference system as usually I get an error Missing spatial reference system without the above solution. I am not sure what destination means in this case.


I would like to add that this happens after quite sometime of validation and not straight away.

Sorry, but can I check if there’s any info on this. I am currently evaluating the software and have a bit of a tight timeline.

Thanks and appreciate any help on the matter.

Hi @darvil

We will contact you directly to try and replicate the issue with your source data.

Very respectfully,