Ion saying storage is full when it isn't


I uploaded a few large files to Cesium Ion yesterday and then deleted them and now the Ion dashboard is saying I have 9GB of data in my assets when I only have <4GB of files. Is this a bug, or is there a trash or something I need to empty or am I confused for some reason?



Welcome to the Cesium community.

Your storage quote includes more than just the asset files. It also includes any downloadable versions of the assets, and any clips that you have created. For example your 3 GB asset could actually be taking up 7 GB if you had made it available for download and the download size was 4 GB, I can understand how this can be confusing, since the size on the assets page does not include the downloadable size.

You can try turning off the Make available for download option on the asset detail panel to remove the downloadable versions.

If this doesn’t help, please let us know your user id so we can look into it further.


That makes sense. Thanks.

If I can’t use the assets list to see what is taking up my drive space, does cesium ion have any other interface or tools for getting an accurate file listing?

You can use the Cesium ion API to query for both assets and archives and total up the size of all of them in your account to determine your total storage.

Currently there is not a way to see this complete picture in the UI. We do have an issue to track this potential feature and it may be added in the future.