How to merge imagery assets when the total size of all files is above the upload limit

I have about 600 geographic imagery files that I need to all be part of a single asset. How can I do this when Cesium Ion’s upload limit prevents uploading them all at once? I don’t see any option for merging assets.

Hi Chris

Are you referring to the limit on the storage size of your account or are you seeing an error when you try to upload all the files as a single asset?

If its the latter, you can try one of two options:

  1. Use the Cesium ion REST API to upload using Node.JS. We have an example here. You can modify this to upload all the files as one asset.
  2. The better option might be to upload the files into an AWS S3 bucket, and then use the “Upload from S3” option in Cesium ion to process all the imagery files at once.

Let me know is this helps. If its not the upload issue, please let us know and we’d be happy to help further.


Yes, I’m seeing an error when I upload them all as one asset. It says “Unable to upload all asset files”. Without a more specific message, I have to assume the number or the total size of the files is too big. I’ll try both of your options unless you can tell me what this message indicates.

Hi Chris

Are you sure that the total size of the data being uploaded is not greater than the storage available in your account?

There isn’t a limit on the number of files you upload at once, just that they shouldn’t exceed the storage limits on your account.


Yes, I’m positive. Cesium Ion says “12.13 GB of 50.00 GB used” and I can’t even upload a group of files that are 2.26 GB in total. I still get this nondescript error saying “Unable to upload all asset files”.

Hi Chris

Thats very strange indeed.

  • Can you check if your browser developer console has any error messages?
  • Are you of any firewalls on your network that might be interfering with the upload?


I didn’t see any error messages like you suggested and I don’t have any firewalls set up. I uploaded the files to AWS S3 and tried to upload to Cesium from there. After a minute, I get this message from Cesium:

We were unable to process your data due to the following issue:
Error: No source files were uploaded.
Read about what data formats are supported on Cesium ion.

There are three types of files in the bucket I’m uploading from: .jpg .wld and .aux.xml , all of which are valid formats that Cesium accepts. So I still don’t know what the problem is.

Hi Chris

When you say “After a minute, I get this message from Cesium”, is this “1 minute” after upload starts (ie. during the upload), or is it 1 minute after the upload is completed?

Can you please share the asset IDs of ones that were uploaded so that we can take a look?


It happens as the upload fails. Because the error message doesn’t tell me what is causing the issue, I had to look it up. I found this on the Cesium community which tells me I need to enter a prefix on the Add Data page. Doing that gets me past this error and on to one telling me “The total size of the selected files is larger than your available storage size”

Hi Chris

Got it, I understand a little bit more now.

Can you confirm if the files are indeed greater than the storage size available on your Cesium ion account?

Yeah at this point I see that’s the problem. So how can we expand our storage space?