Unable to upload all asset files

Keep getting this error:

this is a combined project with several OBJs (1M polygons each)
Why is this happening?
Help please


Is the error happening right when you click upload or does it progress a little bit and then error out?

Thanks for inquiring Shehzan.
I keep getting this error for various files trying to upload, only after a while of uploading…
file is ~100mb OBJ + ~100mb JPG


The way the upload works is that initially the Cesium ion API is queried to receive information about a upload destination on AWS S3. Once Cesium ion API returns this, all the upload is directly between your computer and S3.

So when an upload fails part way through, that is more likely to be a result of an issue between that connection. This could be because of several things:

  • Network connection issues
  • Firewalls
  • Any network upload limits
  • Upload Speed

You can begin a diagnosis by opening the “Network” tab on the browser and monitoring it for the error message.

Can you also share the browser and OS you are using?