ION-Server, ETRS89 and CRS EPSG:25832


Greetings from Cologne, Germany. I am working in a Federal Authority und i am currently exploring the market for open source frameworks allowing us to put our traditional, outdated 2D-GIS sometime on a new future-proof software stack with 3D-Mapping-Capabilities.

And here Cesium comes in to play with its awesome, well documented framework and leading contributor of 3D (tiling) technology standards.

Du to data privacy limitations we may consider to run an ION-Server on our own premises.

Since Cesium is aligned/designed around a WGS84-Globe, whereas in Europe we stick to ETRS89 due to precision reasons (continental drift) national and European laws may or may not force us to use at least ETRS89 (geodetic) or even the projected CRS EPSG:25832 (UTM 32 N) in all our systems.

So i have a two-stage question supposed we operate our own ION-Server:

  • Can we change the geodetic model from WGS84 to ETRS89?
    If so, how much efforts takes it to make the Cesium-Globe-Viewer to work with this model?

  • Can ION and the 3D-pipeline-process also interact even with the projected CRS EPSG:25832?
    If so, do you know solution partners in this area, since the common globe-based Cesium Viewer could no more used in this scenario?

Thanks in advance.


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