IonSdkMeasurements Measure - multiple measure units?

I have a requirement to display height measurements in feet, and horizantal/distance measumrents in US Survey feet.

I see that I can supply the distance unit to the Measure widget, but can I change this for specfic functions within the measure widget? i.e. if I want to have a different unit of measurement for the HeightMeasurement compnent as opposed to the DistanceMeasurement component for example?

Cesium Ion Measure

Cesium Ion HeightMeasurement

Thanks for any help,

Hi Glenn,

While it doesn’t appear that this is explicitly supported by the API, it should still be possible:

The index would be the index of the measurement you’d like to modify. Here I’m using 0.

viewer.measure.viewModel.measurements[0].selectedUnits = new IonSdkMeasurements.MeasureUnits({
    distanceUnits: IonSdkMeasurements.DistanceUnits.US_SURVEY_FEET,
    areaUnits: IonSdkMeasurements.AreaUnits.SQUARE_METERS,
    volumeUnits: IonSdkMeasurements.VolumeUnits.CUBIC_METERS,

Let me know if you’re having any trouble with that.