Getting Error when using Cesium.MeasureUnits()

Dear all,
I am new for Cesium, i trying to get the measurement units from cesium for this i am using following code.


var units = new Cesium.MeasureUnits();

and i am getting below error.

“Cesium.MeasureUnits is not a Constructor”

please any one tell me how to clear this issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Karthik Mahalingam.

Welcome to the Cesium community @Karthik_M!

The measurements are not part of the open source CesiumJS. They are available on Cesium ion, using Cesium Stories (see So if you just need to make some distance/height/area measurements, you can upload your data to Cesium ion and use it there.

Let me know if that works for you!

Is it possible to add the Measure tool to my app’s Cesium implementation? It seems like I should be able to create the measure widget pretty easily like this

var measureWidget = new Cesium.Measure({
     container : 'measureContainer',
     scene : scene,
     units : new Cesium.MeasureUnits({
         distanceUnits : Cesium.DistanceUnits.METERS,
         areaUnits : Cesium.AreaUnits.SQUARE_METERS,
         volumeUnits : Cesium.VolumeUnits.CUBIC_FEET,
         angleUnits : Cesium.AngleUnits.DEGREES,
         slopeUnits : Cesium.AngleUnits.GRADE

I have updated Cesium to the latest version (1.96.0).
Is the SDK different than the NPM install?