Is distanceDisplayCondition is working with czml??

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distanceDisplayCondition is not working czml

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Here is sample url sandcastle.

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czml for model not support many option like billboard & label.

eg. scaleByDistance / translucencyByDistance …

so i should onlyuse minimumPixelSize & maximumScale options.

But these options have limit.

So i wanna utilize with “distanceDisplayCondition” option.

but it look not working

4. The Cesium version you’re using, your operating system and browser.

1.63 . Chrome. WIn10 64bit

Thank you

A CZML is a JSON file. You can’t create an instance of a class and pass it in that way.

See the CZML guide for how to use distance display condition in CZML:

So it would just be an array with the two values.

Hi Omar.


“distanceDisplayCondition” : {
“distanceDisplayCondition” : [
50, 200


is working

Thank you