Labels: disableDepthTestDistance, distanceDisplayCondition overwrite each other?



I have a question Lennart:

I would ike to apply disableDethTestdistance und DistanceDisplayCondition together,

between 0 and x : depthTest
between 0 and y: distanceTest
whereas x < y
→ this means between x and y no depthTest is applied

I tried this in the following sandcastle, but in hte case I set the distanceDisplayCondition the depthTest isn’t working ?

Comment out the distanceDisplayCondition and set the worldTerrain for tests !
I also though, that the value in the disableDepthTest works that the test is disabled at this value → bigger than x the depthTest is not applied.

Do you have any idea - help ?

Hi @Ruediger_Brand,

sorry for the late response! I’ve shortened my answer into 3 notes:

first: everything combined (terrain+depthTest+distanceTest) IS working for me as you can see on this screenshots:

second: “bigger than x the depthTest is not applied.” → no, its the opposite

third: depthTest for (partial) cover by terrain, distanceTest for toggling visibility by distance

I hope, I was able to help you a little bit with this short notes!

Best, Lennart

@lennart.imberg : thank you this will help