Is label stroke exist in cesium?

Hi, I try to add label to lines but it look like bad, is there any method for add stroke to label ?

I can not find it in document.

here is the result:

Thank you for your community forum post! Can you please share some more information about your current implementation? It looks like the text is showing up underneath the polylines. I wonder if there is a way to offset the text.



I think its not about offset, yes may be I can set offset but label does not have stroke so it look like sallow

but with stroke you can read more easy:

here is my code sample:

      position: lastPoint,
      label: {
        scale: 0.5,
        text: `line: ${index}`,
      polyline: {
        positions: [firstPoint, lastPoint],
        material: color,

Iā€™m assuming that you are seeing the same issue when experimenting with this code? I took some time to look through your code and did not see any major issues. I would definitely love to learn more about how you are updating firstPoint and lastPoint. I am also wondering what you mean by this:

Looking forward to learning more!


Sorry for translate, I cant remember word I mean it look blurred, with stroke you can prevent this.

I found new points around center point with different radius and angle. you can think like circle object.

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Would pivoting firstPoint and lastPoint resolve your issue?