Is there a community maintained configurable viewer/ application?

Hi everyone,

I’m new Cesium with a background in the esri javascript world, I’m wondering if there are any configurable viewer projects that the community is working on?

Something along the lines of the ‘ContextCapture Web Viewer 2.0’ comes to mind, is this open sourced?

Happy to be pointed in the direction of anything vs starting from scratch!



Hi Steven,

Not sure if this is what you have in mind, but check out TerriaJS:

It’s built on top of Cesium and Leaflet and has the same open source license as Cesium. We originally built it for Australia’s NationalMap (


Hi Kevin, thanks for pointing this out, at first glace it’s definitely is the kinda of thing I had in mind with lots of features that could be leveraged in making it less of a data portal.


Welcome to the Cesium community Steven!

The Cesium viewer itself is open source:

TerriaJS is really nice because it adds a lot of really useful UX stuff (I really like the ability to export a screenshot with a little report of any view for example)!