is there a like a `UrlTemplateImageryProvider` but for data?


I am currently trying to find ways to only load and display the data points that are currently 'in view'.

is there like a `UrlTemplateImageryProvider` but for data? I'm imagining such a provider to request data from an API for the currently visible tiles, and to update a model instance collection accordingly.

so far I found `viewer.scene.globe._surface.tileProvider._tilesToRenderByTextureCount`, which – I believe – gives me the currently visible tiles (is that correct?). if I use this in a `camera.changed` or `camera.moveEnd` event listener, I should be able to achieve what I want. — however, I wanted to get some feedback on this; maybe a cesium / more experienced developer has a better idea:

- is there maybe something else in cesium that I can hook into? (like the `UrlTemplateImageryProvider` I am already using anyway.)
- or could I implement a custom `ImageryProvider` that requests data instead of tiles, and does not display anything?

thanks a lot in advance!

Hey – Have you looked at the 3D Tiles spec? I think 3D tiles should handle what you’re trying to do. 3D Tiles are designed to handle finding what should be in view for you, and are pretty good at culling. You can learn about this in the forum post:


  • Rachel

thanks a lot, rachel! – I just started reading about 3d tiles, and it sounds a lot like what I need. especially