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Currently i'll use tilemapserviceprovider for supporting raster images an offline use. My problem is that area i'll try to cover is too big and thats why tms structure crows too massive. I was wondering could i use urltemplateprovider instead of tilemapserviceprovider,
if i'll copy my geotiffs to folder and point that url to cesium via urltemplateprovider?

Is it possible?

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Currently run on 1.38


It should indeed be possible, see the docs for UrlTemplateImageryProvider, there is an example there for a TMS url as well as some other examples. Make sure you are somehow serving your geotiffs according to the template url as well.



Note that browsers generally do not support geotiff imagery, so you can’t serve those files directly. Typically the best approach is to use a tiler program to create a quadtree of rasters ahead of time for best performance in serving requests.