Is there rotation event?

Is there any Rotation event?

camera.changed.addEventListener does not working for rotation

Have you taken a look at the look functions in camera? These functions will rotate the camera around a certain vector (ex. up) by a specified or default amount.

I asked for an event and not a function so it will be triggered when the user rotate the camera.


My apologies for misreading the question. I am unable to reproduce the error. I made this Sandcastle that prints out to console each time the camera moves and it seems to be working for me on all camera changes.

Could you send a Sandcastle of the rotation not working?

When you rotate without changing the view angle (Clock like) it does not fire the event.

(On the gif bellow I press the ctrl key while moving the mouse clockwise)

Thank you for clarifying. What are you planning to achieve with the ctrl + rotate event?

There is no rotate event, but if you listen for the mouseDown event and set a mouseDown Boolean to true, you can then listen for mouseMove and do something if mouseDown is true on the mouseMove event. On mouseUp, set mouseDown to false. This will capture a drag/rotate event.

I build a compass so i want it to rotate when the user rotate the map.

My solution was to subscribe to camera moveStart - then I activate setInterval that sample the camera angle - then I clearInterval at camera moveEnd

I look for the same event - in case syncing 2D and 3D
also want to display a compass with north