Issues while loading from URL


I’m loading tiles “from url” and facing the following problems:

  1. Failure to read the data when the URL (file path) includes a space. While the root tiles.json is parsed correctly the rest of the data fails with a misleading error message (Received status code 404 for tile content http://localhost/Data/…)

  2. Same when the 3dtiles data is located on an unmapped network drive (\MyReadyNAS\Media), the root json is parsed correctly but the rest of the hierarchy fails to load.

Please advice as we cannot force all the users to avoid spaces in their paths or to stop using unmapped network drives


Cesium for Unity loads tileset.json and tile payloads using Unity’s UnityWebRequest. Unfortunately it does not seem to support file:// URLs, which is how we recommend users access local files in Cesium for Unreal. It does support raw paths, but those cause problems inside cesium-native because it assumes it’s working with valid URLs. For example, to resolve a tile payload relative to the tileset.json, it uses URL resolution rules.

I wrote an issue to address this:

This is probably not going to make it to our short-term roadmap, but we’d welcome a pull request for it if you’re up for it.

Thanks a lot Kevin, we’ll wait for the fix and will use a workaround in the meantime