JSHint performance in Eclipse

It looks like a new version of JSHint-Eclipse was released that bumps the included version of JSHint to 1.1.0, but also seems to have an enormous performance hit over the old version. This issue seems to indicate that it’s something specific to JSHint itself, not the Eclipse plugin, since he says going back to r12 with the latest plugin fixes it.


I think the Eclipse plugin lets you override the version used, so I’ll investigate whether I can set the Cesium project to use the version in the repo.

It turns out that the Eclipse plugin doesn’t allow specifying the version of JSHint to use in project preferences. Perhaps one day the Eclipse world will learn the lesson that every single preference should be able to be overridden on a per-project basis. Someday…

I believe a fix for this will be going into the next JSHint version (the build tool used by 1.1.0 evals all code, which forces Rhino into interpreted mode, apparently).

In the meantime, if you’re tired of poor performance with JSHint in Eclipse, you’ll need to go to Window - Preferences - JSHint, and set the radio button to “Provde a custom JSHint library file”, and point it to the file in the Cesium repo, under ThirdParty\jshint-r12\jshint.js.