KML custom icon support


I am currently working on a project immigrating from Google Earth to Cesium. After several days research, I discovered that it looks like that the current version of Cesium does not support custom icon Style inside KML files.

While loading a KML file in Cesium, the KML file of a placeMark is only shown as a line point. Is it true that Cesium has not been able to support IconStyle at current version? Or is it me not using the right code?
If we cannot do custom icon style right now, is there another way we can custom a KML placeMark in Cesium?



Have you seen this Sandcastle example?

It has custom icon styling.

The KML source for the example can be found here:

Hope this help!


Cesium’s KML implementation definitely supports IconStyle, can you provide a sample of the KML file that doesn’t work so we can fix any issues? Thanks.

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for updating with my topic. After looking into the KML files, I have found the mistake in my KML file. I missed the '#' mark inside the <styleUrl> parts, which somehow is not a strict XML format.
Thank you again for following.