KmlDataSource precision problem

Hello, I have a problem with KmlDataSource. I want to show a kmz on the CesiumJS globe. The kmz consists of two tiles: the left tile is black/white square with a thin blue frame. The right tile is a black/green square with a thin pink frame. When the two tiles are shown in Cesium, the right and left borders are cut off (see pictures). In the middle, where the tiles connect, the blue and pink borders are also cut off. It looks like the calculation of Texture-coordinates goes wrong.

Top edge of the tile: the blue line is missing

Bottom edge of the tile: the blue line is visible

The original tiles look like this:


The kmz-file:
dgo_13950.kmz (2.3 KB)

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Hi there,

I am also currently facing the problem. I have attempted various troubleshooting steps, but the issue persists, and I am reaching out to seek your guidance and expertise. Idiom If anyone has encountered a similar issue or has expertise in dealing with KmlDataSource precision problems, I would be immensely grateful for your guidance. Whether it’s a known bug, a workaround, or any suggestions for improving precision in KmlDataSource, your input would be invaluable. :pray:


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Hello Emily,

it’s good to know I’m not the only with with that problem. I’m working on a workaround right now.
The workaround enlarges the loading time of the kmz-file, but it helps to minimize the error.

Greetings from Germany,