Where can I find .kmz file for the international borders?

Hi, I am trying to make an application using Cesium. For my app I want to know how to add international borders. As far as I have figured I am supposed to use a .kmz or a .kml file. (Correct me if I am mistaken)
Unfortunately I have been unable to find a proper one. Please redirect me to some source for the same or help resolve the issue(refer the screenshot and attached file)

World+Map-Overlay.kmz (80.2 KB)

The problem in Sandcastle is caused by your image coordinates are invalid. Longitude must be in the range -180 to 180 degrees. Latitude must be in the range -90 to 90 degrees. Even so, after editing the image to remove extraneous data and modifying the KML to give the image coordinates to be at the limits there are a couple of problems in Cesium (I’ll submit issues if none exist already).

  1. I had to adjust the image coordinates to be -90.0 to 90.0 and -179.9999 to 180.0 to get the image to display.

  2. The image is displayed improperly (all white).

I found KML files at www.gadm.org, but be warned, the borders are extremely detailed and result in very large files. For example, the USA file is about 65 MB uncompressed. The presentation is filled polygons.

Another source of country borders is an OGC Web Map Service at http://nowcoast.noaa.gov/help/mapservices.shtml?name=mapservices. You can try this in Sandcastle with the following code:

var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer(‘cesiumContainer’, {
imageryProvider: new Cesium.WebMapServiceImageryProvider({
url: “http://nowcoast.noaa.gov/wms/com.esri.wms.Esrimap/geolinks?service=wms”,
layers: “world_countries”
baseLayerPicker : false



does anyone know how to download google earths original layers into kml or klz? I am looking to download the international borders and use them in arcgis

Google does not make their data publicly available, however, there are plenty of free data sets out there that you can use. Check out http://www.naturalearthdata.com/