KMZ misalignment compared with Google Earth

Hello all,

I recently encoutered some issues when importing KMZ file into Cesium ion.
The first image below is a screenshot from google earth, where buildings are correctly aligned with ground level :

When I try to upload the layer to Cesium, those are the results and I can’t manage to fit them to the ground (since KMZ file do not allow positioning correction) :

I also saw that the building on the bottom right of Cesium screenshot is well aligned with the ground level but does not appear in Google maps screenshot, as if it was below ground level.

I tried to upload a subset of the layer without those below ground level buildings in Cesium but I end up with the patch of building still misalgined above ground level.
I also tried to use the CityGML format for the layer but the problem stays the same .

Any idea on how to solve this kind of issues ?



Hi Aurélien,

Have you tried loading the buildings into a Sandcastle? From there you can set the clampToGround option for KmlDataSource. The documentation for that can be found here:

It will be helpful to provide a Sandcastle example of the issue you are facing.