KTX and/or KTX 2.0 support?

I’m aware these are currently unsupported, but given the recent ratification of KTX 2.0 with a supportive quote from Cesium, what are the current plans or timeframe around getting compression integrated into the Unreal plugin?

I’ve definitely noticed performance and memory concerns when dealing with larger data sets.

Hi @cmontero3d

KTX2 is on our roadmap, but we don’t have a concrete timeline for it currently. Regarding for high memory usage with large datasets, we recently discover a memory leak when decoding textures Fix memory leak in GltfReader.cpp by Samulus · Pull Request #242 · CesiumGS/cesium-native · GitHub. It is already in the main branch and will go out to the next release.


Great to know - thanks for the response and the extra info about the memory leak!