Cesium Ion Data crashes in Unreal Engine

I created Cesium 3D Tiles with UASMaster and was successfully loading the data into Cesium Ion. I can see the data in the Cesium viewer, but when I follow the videos to load Assets from Cesium Ion to Unreal Engine my Unreal Engine crashes.
I add a link for my Cesium 3D Tiles data as a ZIP here:

Perhaps someone can help me with it.

Hi @Thomas_Widmer,

I will take a look at the asset to see what happens


Thanks Bao!

Hi Thomas,

In the asset, I see it uses draco to compress meshes, but the indices of the gltf primitive doesn’t seem to match with the decompressed indices returned by draco. I create the fix for this in this PR, but it is also best to report the bug with UASMaster as it’s not compliant with KHR_draco_mesh_compression’s specs

Also I see the asset also uses KTX texture in the compressedImage3DTiles extra in the textures of the gltf. Unreal plugin currently doesn’t load KTX texture and compressedImage3DTiles extra, so if possible, can you use different format like jpeg or png?

Please let me know if you have any questions.