Large vector data loading performance

Hi, guys!

I’m trying to load big vector files ~ 15-20Mb (see It takes about 30 seconds on my machine to make it visible but the issue is that main JavaScript thread is blocked for few seconds, probably, due to some performance-cost operations during vector primitives creation. The same thing happens when I remove data source from or add data source to DataSourceCollection (I don’t see another way to toggle vector layer’s visibility).

Is there any workaround for this? Could vector data’s loading be more asynchronous by using some additional web workers?


Seems that this is the same issue:!topic/cesium-dev/pwL3LTU80a8


We actually do use web workers to draw all of the vector data loaded from a data source. It looks like the GeoJsonDataSource itself is the cause of the block while it’s parsing the file and creating all of the corresponding properties.

I’ve submitted an issue here: