LAS file geocoordinate check utility?

We host lidar data for clients which too often ends up at Null Island with no geocoordinate data. We clearly need to embark on an education campaign, and I’m wondering whether, as part of that effort, there is a (simple to use) client side tool to check whether a given lidar file contains geocoordinate data. Do you know of such a thing? Is anyone else having this issue with clients?


I wish this were a less familiar destination, but I can relate!

I’m curious what others think, but I can tell you Cesium ion will attempt to extract the location from the uploaded LAS files (or other type of data), and if it’s not geolocated the user will get a prompt to allow them to visually geolocate it. This is done just as part of the tiling pipeline.

What’s the next step when your clients upload the data? How do you visualize it?

Also: moving this topic to General since it isn’t specific to a Cesium project.